About Cork Floors

  • Cork is popping up in some very surprising places. That’s because people are discovering just how fashionable new cork tile floors can be.

  • Of course, people know how practical cork is; it’s a hardwearing floor for life, warm in Winter, cool underfoot in Summer, spills or cork tiles wipe up easily, perfect for use in high traffic and wet areas.

  • A cork tile floor is resilient and most indentations will dissapear except for stiletto heels.

  • Cork floor can look as modern as tomorrow in years to come with a choice of gloss or satin finish.

  • Cork comes in a wide variety of contemporary styles and shades. You can create your own patterns and even add borders.

  • Because of the uniform shape, the cork tiles are easy to lay. Thickness is uniform, as well. So, there’s no compensating for out-of-square cork tiles.

  • The density of cork tiles is designed to make them durable and resilient — not too high, not too low.

  • A cork floor is a floor for life provided our maintenance recommendations are followed.


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